Sunday, November 1, 2015

In Search of a New Dimension

I guess human beings are always wrong .. they have been in search of worldly pleasures money, love and more money &  more love & more more money and more more love. But once you lose either of them .. you feel robbed.Well in the first case i.e. money, you actually are robbed but in the second case you are robbed of your soul. Everything loses its lustre and gets freakishly depressing. The similar stage attained by the body may be so attuned to the depression that Charlie Chaplin will have to face a daunting task to make u laugh.

Life was never a bed of roses for anyone. The sooner one realises that he should often evaluate  and not weigh his potential on emotional quotient but the ability to meticulously use the cerebral stigma, which one can rarely utilise, the better odds one gets with life. Life is more of a poker table. Cards are dealt and the odds can be favourable or so worst to make you lose yourself.  When properly charted and analysed each and every activity with proper reasons we shall be able to conclude that most of our strengths are on the basis of our emotional dogma. How do we overcome this? How do we focus on the actual stigma that we possess. Is it really difficult to do so ? Will we always be stuck in this rut?

The answer lies in the search of this new dimension. This is a well known dimension in physics and real life but when it actually integrates with our brain, things take a whole new shape.

This dimension is nothing but time. We are always in dearth of time. Every day we follow the routine and try to give value to our twenty four hours. When I came across the most common proverb “ A stitch in time saves nine”, my subconscious pondered, without making new additions, to this particular thought. The thoughts kept ravaging my soul and ultimately I concluded that time doesn't stop for anyone. Earlier one used to justify time to values. Now time is just a moment which we let it go as its just a useless metal . Time is an anthracite carbon that might be valued when properly utilised i.e. turn into the category of diamond.

So stop letting your emotions or activities control you and gives wing to the precious time, which you had been wasting up until now. Behold the time because nothing is more precious than time. Money can be re-acquired or earned. Love can find its own place but if Time is not under your control …all you profit is PENANCE.

Go and acquire your wishes.
Be true to yourself.
Save Time.
Time is money.
Stop moping around what's gone is never returning back. If it does, its always tainted and will fetch no good to your peace.

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